Saturday, August 6, 2016

Gen Con 2016 Mini-Diary: Day 2

I am so proud of myself. I barely set foot in the main exhibit hall yesterday and did not make one purchase...well, except for paying for my pre-order of Codenames. It probably helped that I didn't get to the convention center until 1:30pm. So much of the day was gone by then that I wanted to just play games. And I did not regret getting there so late. Part of it was due to the fact that I'm rooming with five other people and there was no point in me trying to get ready until they were all done using the bathroom. And part of it was due to the pain in the butt that is my ethnic hair; soooo not dealing with that today--it's all about the ponytail.

People may poo-poo the fact that I wasted almost half a day at the con.  But I had gamed until 1:30am the night before, and so I chose to sleep in; I got to get ready in the morning without rushing and worrying about getting anywhere on time; and I got to avoid the mass hysteria that occurs when the doors open first thing in the morning. So I don't care so much what people think. This is my personal con experience, and I'm all about no stress at an event where I'm attending for the sole purpose of just having fun.

All I did on Day 2 was play games. Here's what I played:
  • Glory to Rome (out of print): Patrick Hillier taught me how to play this classic game, which happens to be his #1 favorite game of all time. And it is a great game. I love games with multi-use cards, and now that I've played it once and seen some of the special abilities of the buildings, I'd love to give it another try to improve my game, as Patrick and his son, Allen, are both sharks and destroyed me.
  • Gingkopolis (out of print): I played this for the first time online with Patrick last week and liked it; although, with the artificial intelligence taking care of things, I know there were a ton of mistakes I made, so I was happy to try this game in cardboard form on the table. Patrick and his son are sharks. This game...I've never both hated and liked something so much. I think this game is definitely rewarded by continued plays and is one of those games that frustrates me to no end, but is so interesting that I want to keep playing. I have a feeling I'll be playing this a lot more online on
  • Oceanos (published by Iello): I'm glad I got to get in a play of this game since there's no chance of me snagging a copy at this convention. I really liked this game a lot. It's simple to play, but there are a lot of different paths you can take to maximize your points, plus there's a little press-your-luck thrown in there, and also some luck due to the cards you're dealt, which you can mitigate through gameplay, at the sacrifice of other things. I love games like this where players can probably all take a different approach since there are so many to choose from. Some of the people I played with complained that too much was thrown into this simple game, but I liked that aspect of it. But everyone knows Feldfangirl loves multiple paths to victory. Oh, and this game looks amazing! So cute and full of color. I especially love that the skull-shaped front end of my submarine, named Naughty, had a gold tooth on it.
  • Klask (published by Gigamic): This game. I lost so miserably to Dan Patriss because I'm spastic and get way too excitable. This is a dexterity game that's like air hockey, but with magnetic pieces you control under the small game table. Super-fun, but I need to calm down and relax to play this game without knocking the ball off the table, knocking my main player piece all over, and just making a spastic fool of myself in general!
  • New Bedford (published by Greater Than Games[Dice Hate Me Games]): I finally got to play this game of historic whaling and city building. It was completely different from what I expected, and I enjoyed this game immensely. It's actually really easy to play, but rich with lots of choices to make. And I know some people are put off by the whaling aspect of the game, but, although the game feels thematic and historic, I didn't feel like an evil whaler since I was also just so in love with the mechanics of the game (Nat Levan, you clever designer).  This game is also really beautiful on the table (that soft art is just so aesthetically pleasing--Nolan Nasser, you ridiculously talented artist, you). And the game plays soooo fast; I had no idea. I've got my Kickstarter copy of this game waiting at home for me and due to the simple, but intriguing gameplay and its quick playtime, this game is going to see the table a lot.

Since I did have a late start to the day, that's all I got to play, but it was still a great, full, rich day to me. Man, I love this hobby.

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